1. Firing up.


  2. Fog of Leeds.


  3. "But let’s take a moment to consider the source of this negativity. Those friends or family members who, with a few simple words, can make us question our entire creative journey and make us think that perhaps a dead end job in an office with a window overlooking a parking lot isn’t the worst thing in the world (my apologies to office workers everywhere). I mean, who doesn’t love a steady paycheck and the comfort of knowing that the next thirty to forty years of your life are already planned out. All you have to do is show up, shuffle some paper a bit, retire, and then do whatever comes after retirement (we all know what comes after retirement)… So, why so negative toward you?"
    — John Schell

  4. Work..



  6. Love this cunt


  7. No tome for these happy smokers. 


  8. This is how you should spend a Saturday night.



  10. Few from Set One Twenty. 


  11. House Party. 


  12. Few from one of my shifts on Friday. 


  13. Messed around with some smoke bombs today. 



  15. Lilly Harper.